As the name indicates, our desire is to partner with churches/worship leaders/teams to equip and empower them to advance to their “next level” in all things worship. Specifically, is here to assist with:

  • developing transformational worship leadership, team and ministry systems
  • understanding and navigating cultural shifts
  • advancing musical and technological competency


As worship "practitioners," responsible for planning and executing a worship service week in and week out, we completely understand how easy it is to get "silo'd." In no time at all, we get so close to our programming and production SOP's, that it becomes impossible to experience things with any clarity or objectivity.

At, we recognize the importance of having a trusted source who, through skill and experience, can quickly and easily identify what’s working well, and not so well.

This is why we offer a one-time Worship Experience Assessment. We'll visit and participate in a typical weekend worship service to observe and gather specific information related to the elements associated with the program (i.e., message, music, media, AVL, etc.). Additionally, the assessment typically includes things like your online worship presence, parking lot and atrium environments, and any worship printed materials, etc. Within a few days, we will send you a detailed report outlining our observations and experiences. The report will celebrate the positives, as well as recognize and prioritize opportunities for improvement/advancement.

The cost for our assessment is $500 (not including travel, lodging and meal expenses). However, if the church chooses to utilize our CONSULTING or PROJECT MANAGEMENT services, the assessment fee will be deducted from the completed total (see Schedule & Fees); making it FREE!

Contact us for more information or to schedule an assessment.

Coaching is about helping YOU get to the next level, whatever that level may be.

As an "outsider," we are uniquely positioned to help you discover blindspots, uncover landmines, and offer an objective, fresh perspective.

By asking thoughtful, targeted questions, we will give you the means to explore and grow, as well as provide an avenue for you to regain traction in your professional and (maybe even) your personal life. We'll work with you to discover answers. Together, we'll explore what resonates and feels right for you.

The first meeting is primarily for the purpose of bringing clarity and focus, and to begin the process of setting personal, as well as measurable ministry goals. Subsequent meetings will be for working on these objectives, and, through this process, identify any new or additional steps that will help lead toward a desired outcome.

Schedules & Fees
Sometimes there is a need for a more prescriptive approach. To accomplish a specific task or objective, or overcome an issue or challenge, consulting services may be the better option. Consulting can help you evaluate the situation and identify the next steps.

For example, the church may need help with worship team/leader personnel issues, leadership development, changing worship/musical styles, team-building, creative planning, advancing the skill set of the worship and production teams, etc.

We've "been-there-done-that," and have the experience, knowledge and technical skills to create proven systems and processes. Our experience and giftedness enables us to quickly identify what’s working well, recognize and prioritize opportunities for improvement/advancement, and journey with individuals and teams along a strategic, intentional path toward higher engagement, God-honoring and life-changing worship.

Schedules & Fees
When the church embarks on an audio, video and/or lighting project, etc., there is very often no one on staff or in the congregation with the right skills and experience to ensure the right decisions are being made at the right time in the right way.

We've seen many times where this additional burden of responsibility was put on the shoulders of a staff person - who, by the way, still had their "regular" job (ministry) to do. Unfortunately, this has "afforded" us the opportunity of coming in, after the fact, to clean up and/or fix system problems, inadequacies, and deficiencies.

Serving as a liaison representing the church, we have successfully managed multiple building projects, been involved with system design and installation, and worked with first-class, professional organizations. We understand the process and can speak the "language" of both the church and the industry. We provide oversight of project integration, client communication, scheduling supervision, tracking project progress and quality control.

Schedules & Fees

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