Although a quality “sound” system is essential (dare we say critical) to the success of any program in any space, it doesn’t always require a great deal of expense or components like what you see here to create excellence in audio.

This, however, is a key production element that will always require the most attention and effort as it affects all worship participants.  If the sound isn’t good, nothing else really matters.  It can make or break any worship experience.

Below are pics of a few audio tools that any/every (your) church can utilize to transform and advance music ministry.

Ableton Live: incorporate backing tracks (stems), click and guide tracks into your song service by recording or downloading Multitracks or Loop Community WAV or M4A files, etc.  It can also be used to control MIDI files programmed to operate lighting cues, etc.
Aviom A360 Personal Monitor Mixer: used with in-ear monitors to provide every musician and singer with a customized experience. IEM can reduce or eliminate open floor wedges that are often hard to work around in any auditorium.
ProTools (mix window shown) used for post-producing (compose, record, edit and mix) audio for online broadcast of worship services and special events.


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