Welcome to worshipartner.org … a venture into the world of consulting/coaching in the area of worship and production arts.

As the name indicates, our desire is to partner with churches/worship leaders/teams to equip and empower them to advance to their “next level” in all things worship.  Specifically, worshipartner.org is here to assist with:

  • developing transformational worship leadership, team and ministry systems
  • understanding and navigating cultural shifts
  • advancing musical and technological competency

We’ve spoken with and are working with churches that have a vision for more effective worship services and excellence in programming.  They have a strong desire, and are ready to tackle their barriers and obstacles, but just not sure how to move forward.  What is the right direction?  Which is the best, right, first step?  What’s next?

They want it to be better and more effective, but they’re stuck.

How can we help?

  • We are experienced worship pastors – having served more than 25 years at several, rapid-growth churches; successfully navigating each one from unhealthy to healthy ministry environments, ordinary to extraordinary engagements, and unfruitful to purposeful experiences.
  • We are accomplished, professional musicians and music/program directors
  • We possess technical expertise in audio, video and lighting production ministries
  • We are connected to a vast ministry and industry network

Our experience and giftedness enables us to quickly identify what’s working well, recognize and prioritize opportunities for improvement/advancement, and journey with individuals and teams along a strategic, intentional path toward higher engagement, God-honoring and life-changing worship.

On the journey,

Phil, Team Leader