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Worship Leadership

Over the years, we've discovered that God is continually challenging us toward three basic goals: to be "ministry" minded; an everyday, committed worshiper; and to do everything with excellence. Worship leaders are called to continuously pray, creatively plan and prepare for leading their teams and congregants in a gathering that is Truth-based, Spirit-led, experiential, participatory, relational, purposeful, relevant, real, excellent, seamless and transformational. Not easy for sure. The journey can be filled with landmines and speed bumps. We know, we've probably hit them all at one time or another, and learned all the tools and "tricks of the trade" as a result. We can definitely help you avoid some of the same mistakes, while enhancing your creative planning and rehearsal process, showing you how to hone your craft, helping you become a better worship leader, and advancing your worship ministry.

Worship Team Development

When the team is properly appointed, prepared, and anointed, the results are phenomenal! The team plays an important role in ushering in God's presence and leading the worshipers into the presence of the Lord as they are enabled by the Holy Spirit. This can only be achieved when the team is "tuned," 'focused," and "joined" in spirit and purpose. Through God-given talent, honed-craftsmanship and experience, we have enjoyed tremendous success at attracting, training and shaping singers and musicians into a radically committed, "banded"-together worship team. We'd love to help you do the same through techniques such as how to effectively onboard new team members, develop more engaged teams, assess and improve musical skills, and cultivate a spirit of "oneness" among the diverse collection of team members.

AVL Systems Management

Gone are the days of effective worship services without some form of sound reinforcement, enhanced lighting and live or pre/post-produced media support. Production Arts integrate the technologies of audio, lighting, video and graphic presentations into each gathering, and are the tools that are available to equip and enhance the outreach and commission of the church to your community. We've had the pleasure of designing and integrating these communication technologies, and building AVL ministry teams in both smaller and larger congregations, as well as the privilege of working alongside extremely talented individuals and organizations. Through training, experience and industry connectedness, we are qualified to maximize the design of your AVL systems, train your teams for improved results, and, if necessary, point you in the right direction for system renovation and upgrades.

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experienced worship ministry at several, rapid-growth churches; accomplished musicians and music/program directors; technical expertise in audio, video and lighting production ministries; connected to a vast ministry and industry network; successful coaching/consulting experience


years in worship and production arts ministry


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Production Arts


Phil, Founder and Team Leader at worshipartner.org, is incredibly talented. He utilizes his extensive experience as pastor, team leader, project manager, musician and mentor to create a healthy and vibrant environment for people to connect with God and each other. When you’re looking for guidance, you want someone who has 'been there and done that'. Phil's experience and expertise in worship and production arts makes him and his team an excellent resource for you and your organization.
Michael Boggs

Michael Boggs

CCM recording artist and worship pastor at Brentwood Baptist in Franklin TN. His music career started in 1999, with the band FFH, where he was their guitarist and background vocalist. In 2007, Michael began his worship leading and individual singer/songwriting career. He has released two studio albums, and an EP, Wildfire, in 2017. He was awarded the Dove Award for Songwriter of the Year in 2012.

I’ve always enjoyed anytime I’ve gotten to spend time with Phil. The same goes with serving with him. No one needs to brag on his ministry capabilities or qualifications within worship and production arts because they speak for themselves. He’s consistently raised the level of musicianship, the spirit of the team, and worship experience wherever he’s served.
Justin Mosteller

Justin Mosteller

CCM recording artist, former lead singer of the band Carrollton and worship leader at Crossroads (Oakley campus).

As a part-time worship minister, it is very difficult to have the time and resources I need to guide our ministry in the direction it needs to go. I have a full-time career, but my passion is worship in the local church. Phil and worshipartner.org helped me see some things I had been overlooking and gave me a list of practical, prioritized recommendations for improving our worship environment and service elements that would be the most effective, as well as within my budget and ability (capacity). He also helped me create a longer term plan to continue both personal and ministry leadership growth. Phil’s heart for advancing the kingdom through quality worship and his many years of experience is continuing to encourage us to offer our very best to God in worship. I highly recommend Phil and worshipartner.org to help you reach your full potential as a worship and ministry leader.
Junior Blondell

Junior Blondell

Music Minister - Syria Christian Church, Orleans Indiana

I had the privilege of working with Phil for over seven years and during that time, he brought out the best in me and everyone on our team. His upbeat personality, strong leadership skills, passion for worship, top-notch musicianship, and knowledge of all technical aspects of integrating the staging, audio, lights, and video uniquely qualify him and his team to help any worship ministry achieve their goals.
Alisa Childers

Alisa Childers

Formally a CCM recording artist with the Christian pop group "ZoeGirl," Alisa Childers is an accomplished and amazing worship leader and singer/songwriter. She is also a blogger and apologetics author (https://www.alisachilders.com).

As the lead singer for Salvador, a worship leader, and a pastor's son, Phil, Founder and Team Leader at worshipartner.org, opened my eyes to a new perspective in regards to serving the church. He has an unmatched attention to detail, a sensitivity and care for his volunteers and congregation, and is a servant leader. His actions on and off stage have one goal in mind - to point others to Jesus Christ. He is a true professional, and I count it as a privilege to have not only have worked alongside him, but to have learned from him.
Nic Gonzales

Nic Gonzales

CCM recording artist, the lead singer of the band Salvador, worship leader, and writing/recording partner with wife, Jaci Velasquez.